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Encapsulated o-rings

  • PFA FKM o-ring
  • PFA FKM o-ring
PFA FKM o-ringPFA FKM o-ring

PFA FKM o-ring

  • PFAP/fluororubber
  • Black/dark brown FPM
  • Good chemical resist
  • -20℃ to +200℃ working temperature
  • Product description: Compared with FEP, PFA has a higher temperature range, better crack resistance, and is suitable for higher temperature working environments.

PFA Encapsulated FKM o-rings

Halo seal's PFA coated fluororubber O-ring has good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. The o-ring is consist of a transparent and seamless PFA shell and a black fluororubber elastomer core. It has both advantages of chemical resistance of PFA and the elasticity of rubber.widely used in a variety of dynamic and static conditions where traditional rubber O-rings are incapable.

Technical Data:

Material: PFA and FPM/FKM rubber
Color: Clear shell and black internal elastomer
Hardness: 80 Shore A

PFA:from -60℃ to+260 ℃. Shore time +300 ℃

FKM:from -20℃ to +200 ℃. Short time +230 ℃

Food grade: Available
Typical application:
sealing of valve spindles and a secondary sealing elements for mechanical seals.
chemical, petrochemicals, medical technology, food and
drag,water, gaseous and similar industries.

PFA Encapsulated FPM O ring advantages:

1. High standard European certification

Obtained the ROHS and REACH certification, and its various performance indicators meet the requirements of European standards.

2. Real material

The real fluoroelastomer material and reasonable price.

3. Comprehensive size range

AS568B,BS ISO3601,JIS2401 series,standard and non-standard sizes both available.

Who Are We:

Halo seals ltd is a professional hydraulic seal and pneumatic seal supplier,good quality at competitive price.

FEP/PFA encapsulated seals is one of our leading products,material passed ROHS,REACH certificate by SGS.

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